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Our Mission

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One of the first things you learn on the Camino is there is no such thing as coincidence.
It brings people together who are meant to be connected.
Sometimes those connections last a few kilometers, and sometimes much more.
In our case, the beautiful film ‘Walking the Camino’ was the tie that binds.

With our very first tour in 2011, which raised funds for the completion of the film, we realized that we had a unique synergy and complementary skill sets. We all spent much of our time on this side of the pond and the seed was sown for our tours. We realized the opportunity to share the Camino with others was one we could not turn away from. Every year since, we have guided new pilgrims representing all corners of the world, and shared the Camino with them as the only locally-based tour company on the Camino.

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Comfort is Key.

Any pilgrim will tell you that key to a great walk is a good night’s rest each night. For that reason, each tour is highlighted by some of the most distinct and luxurious properties along the way. Many of our hotels and casa rurales (bed and breakfasts) have been passed down for generations and showcase classic Galician and Portuguese landscapes and architecture.

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